About Us

MBNB Financing is here to make life easier for our coveted clients. In a market where being approved for a line of credit seems to be continually difficult, MBNB financing takes the stress off the table, and is proud to say we approve 90% of our customers. New Credit? – No Problem! MBNB financing approves A, B, and C paper and gives the green-light to individuals that have a below 500 credit score. It is our pleasure to provide this kind of world-class service to our clients, as we are in the business of making your diamond-crusted dreams a reality. Click on the MBNB Financial logo to the right to get a comprehensive financing plan that suits your wants and needs.

Here is what MBNB financing can do for you :
With our in-house financing, MBNB can offer what other jewelers cannot. Instant approval is our specialty.
By simply applying for financing through MBNB we can help boost your credit rating and continue to improve your credit score.
MBNB Financing can assist you in making sure you never miss a payment with our auto-pay program.

We also can set up higher monthly payments so that you are able to pay your loan off more quickly, in turn improving your credit score even higher.